Formerly known as Sushi 88 & Ramen, our restaurant is focused on providing a fun and exciting place for friends and families to gather in the community. The number "88" is very symbolic in Asian culture. Not only is it a lucky number for the Chinese because it sounds the same as the character for "fortune", it also can be rearranged into the character for "rice," representing goodness in Japanese culture.


Eighty-Eight and the new logo, four interlocking circles, represents the family's next generation of owners to lead the restaurant to the next level. Our focus is on elevating the restaurant experience while honoring our past. We hope you will be able to see this in our food and the relationships we build with our amazing customers. 

Alex Cheung Co-Owner and Sushi Chef
Front Entrance of Eighty-Eight Sushu


Inspired by Japanese minimalist design, we want to provide a space that is open, welcoming and inviting for all in our community. Like coming to visit a friend, we welcome you into our restaurant and hope you leave happier and more satisfied than you did when you arrived. Good food and warm smiles to feed the body, mind and soul.